September 20, 2021


"We say it like it is"


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By Lucas Ramabu

The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation ‘warns the public about the scammers who are purporting to be members of the Hawks. It is alleged that there are those scammers who takes an advantage of those suspects arrested to make money by swindling the family members of the arrested people.

This after the family of the accused person arrested by Hawk ’Serious Corruption Investigation members for fraud reportedly paid one hundred thousand rand (100.000-00) to a person who claimed to be a member of Hawks. It is stated that this person pretended to be one from the Hawks and demanded the money to squash the docket.

Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation informs the public that no member of the hawks is allowed to call a family member of the  arrested people and demand money for their freedom.

It further says that if they receive such a call, they must report it immediately.

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