September 20, 2021


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The picture of a discovered skull.

By Lucas Ramabu

Limpopo – Sebayeng ( Mantsebe Village) residents appreciate Heitafm for helping them out yesterday, on the 29 of December 2020.   It was alleged that  they called Sebayeng Police Station for the assistance after the skull of a buried dead person was found exposed on the road of Sebayeng Mantsebe view , this past Monday afternoon. This after a heavy rain dug out the grave. They said that the sebayeng police came on Monday evening around 11:00pm after the residents decided to seek help at other  Mankweng Police station. Sebayeng police promised the residents to send the statement to forensic to go to the place.

Yesterday, Tuesday no one went to the place until in the afternoon. Mantsebe residents  informed and asked Heitafm news to intervene. Heitafm news reporter Lucas Ramabu called the police and asked them questions on their negligence about this matter and take it on air for the interview during Matters of Life Show. Therefore, the police took the matter seriously and sent the Forensic from Polokwane to go fetch the skull yesterday evening.

Resident of Mantsebe Village, Matlala Herminah Ngoetjana while was interviewed by Heitafm  said that the skull was the only one exposed on the grave because they did not see the rest of the bones and it was seem not deep on the ground of where the grave is situated.

She said that she is finally relieved because this issue made them feel uncomfortable because the skull was situated on the same street that everyone  passes everyday.

On behalf of the community,  she said she appreciate the station for intervening in this matter.

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