January 20, 2022


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By Thato Kgobe

The South African theatre lovers are yet to be given an opportunity in experiencing the most thrilling musical theatre show, Freedom The Musical featuring some of the most tremendous performers in the Country the likes of P.dot.0, Bonafied, Thokozile Ndimande, Nobayeni Xaba, Calandray , just to mention a few out of a cast made of more than 40 creatives from dancers, singers, actors, live band crew, technical crew, costumes & set design, logistics, all this put together by the acclaimed writer and director of the show Aubrey Sekhabi.

The show’s lead character ‘Phindile’ portrayed by Simphiwe Ndlovu was speaking on HeitaFM , the ultimate talk following ‘freedom the musical’ premiering tomorrow the 18th June 2021 at various sterkinekor across the country with tickets purchase available at SKT Cinemas and online with COVID-19 restrictions adhered to. The show’s script is inspired from the student protests , fees must fall saga in the year 2015 and various other factors affecting the youth including (GBV) gender based violence, Xenophobia, crime and Corruption.

Simphiwe says she plays a powerful character that is very much demanding and challenging.
“Phindile is strong, brave, stand for the truth, fearful, an activist, fight for fellow students rights and had to sacrifice her life by dating an elder man for material gains just to survive as a student from less marginalized community ”
Said Simphiwe. She further more says, the audience will be drawn into so many emotions throughout the show and also relate most scenes with real life experiences.

Freedom the musical is at sterkinekor from the 18th June till 11th July with tickets available onĀ www.sterkinekor.com

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