September 20, 2021


"We say it like it is"


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By: Felicia Mogoboya

LIMPOPO: Seshego police have welcomed an arrest of Mozambican man aged 30, Trymore Maphapha in Moletjie, Bloodriver Manganye next to Reverend Rampanka’s Church yesterday, on the 14 July 2021. It is alleged that this emanated from the case of burglary which was reported at CSC about the house break and the police responded swiftly and while attending to the issue there were other people from the community who used their skills on following the footprint of the suspected person who might have committed such crime. It led the community to the house and one of them notified the police and they responded again to them.

In the house, police found plasma TV’s, air pellets guns, computers, car registration plates, police uniforms and bullet proof vest. The man tried to evade arrest by telling the police that he was a visitor in the house and unfortunately he couldn’t manage to convince foot soldiers that attended the scene.

Sargent Kgare together with Sargent Nong listened to the members of the community who came out with case numbers which they opened in Seshego and people identified some of the properties, yet all other properties were taken to SAPS at Seshego Exhibits management store for further investigation.

The Acting Station Commander of Seshego Colonel Rameetse MJ applauded the hardworking displayed by the arresting team and the manner in which they avoided mob justice and brought the suspect to book without injuries sustained. He will appear before Seshego Magistrate Court tomorrow.


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