January 21, 2022


"We say it like it is"


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By : Thato Kgobe

The price of fuel is set to go up in August following the Automobile Association (AA) prediction made , based on unaudited mid-month data.

This comes after the AA has warned the ongoing protest and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng that it could have an impact on the supply of fuel and oil.

Furthermore, the AA says fuel prices were already trending higher before the looting began also with the impact over exchange rate that spiked the Rand/Dollar.

Petrol is more likely to cost 87 cents more per litre while diesel is set to rise by 58 cents a litre, and paraffin by 56 cents.

The AA is asking South Africans to limit all non-essential travel as there’s a possibility of fuel shortages.

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