January 21, 2022


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Jeff Bezos has on Tuesday morning went to space and back to earth on an 11 minute supersonic joy ride abroad a new shepard rocket designed and build by his own company Blue Origin. Bezos flew to space alongside his brother Mark; Wally Funk, an 82 year old pilot who trained to go to space in the 1960s but was denied to go to space; and 18-year old high school graduate Oliver Daemen, whose father paid for his seat.

The group lifted off at 9:12 am ET from a launch in west texas. the Shepard heaved itself off the ground, roared through the atmosphere for three minutes. Bezos and his companions were pinned to their seats as the earths gravity grew three times stronger than normal.

Furthermore, the rocket booster separated from the capsule, giving it a final push to 100 KM above sea level, were experts say space begins. At the peak of the flight path, the passengers were weightless for about three minutes and were allowed to unstrap themselves from their seats to float around.As the capsule plunged back to the ground, a panel of heat resistant tiles protected it as friction superheatd the surrounding atmosphere. “Best day ever,” said Bezos, 57, after landing safely beneath three parachutes. “My expectations were high, and they were dramatically exceeded.”

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