January 20, 2022


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Trouble has seen daylight and it seems as though Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch have broken up.

Fans realised that the lovers had suddenly deleted each other’s pictures on their Instagram feed and suspiciously unfollowed one another. The reasons for the alleged breakup are not known but this raised a lot of brows in suspicion.

Could it be because of the diss video Natasha did on tiktok after Orlando Pirates lost to the Khosi’s for the Carling Black Label Cup? Or could it be that one of the two was unfaithful?

One of the most influential tweeters took to the streets to say, “You probably asking how can Lorch have a chick like that?”, proceeding to say that one of their reliable sources say Lorch has cheated. “And my sources never miss”, they added.

Even though there are those who adored the lovely couple, there are those who had predicted that the relationship wouldn’t last because of how it started. Let me jog your memory a little, remember the two had actually denied their relationship to the public even though the twitter streets had done investigations to prove their togetherness – this following posted pictures that supposed the two celebrities were on a ‘baecation’.

Another fan came to Natasha’s defence saying, “I don’t actually believe they broke up, I think for her the relationship has brought so much negativity…” indeed we might truly never know what happened.

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