January 20, 2022


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Today, the Marikana Massacre completes 9 years in the remembrance of the 44 workers who lost their last breathes on the 16th of August 2012. 34 souls were murdered by the state, for simply demanding a monthly salary of R12 500 then 10 ten workers were killed in labour unrest.

A poverty national minimum wage of R20 per hour was introduced to allow employers to justify paying as little as possible and knowing very well that no family can be supported by such small amount of money. Countless studies have proven that the gap between the CEO’s and the lowest paid workers in SA is unacceptably high.

The ANC says South Africans can take comfort from the tragic events of that period, industrial relations in the mining sector continue to improve. They are heartened to note stakeholders- workers, employers and the state- have taken to heart the harsh lessons learnt from Marikana. As south African they must make solemn pledge never to allow the eruption of Another Marikana.

The union (NUMSA) concludes by saying the sacrifices for a living wage which were made on this day, should not be worthless. What they can at least do is to honour those who died, fight with all their power in every sector for a living wage because this is what the working class has been demanding since 1995.

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