January 20, 2022


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Johannesburg based transgender and intersex organisation Iranti has today, 08th September 2021 briefed members of the LGBTIQA+ persons also various organisations, movements and departments in the Capricorn District, Polokwane over the Provincial Action Group (PAG) for the margins to mainstream.

This comes after challenges faced  by the transgender and intersex people over human rights violations, discrimination and victimization in public spaces including  frustrations over socio-economic issues and lack of recognition has become problematic with unresolved cases.

Furthermore, Iranti Programmes Manager, Ntukhuzo Ndzomo says they realised there is a huge gab in Limpopo in terms of the legal gender recognition.  “We are working with Justice & Constitutional Development, Health , Home Affairs Departments and other stakeholders in making sure T&I’s individuals are able to access their gender marker identity documents, access to medical gender affirmation care also the implementation on institutional policies” said Ndzumo.

Meanwhile, Access Chapter 2 Provincial Co_ordinator, Ycer Machimana says they’re currently dealing with the key and valnurable population by creating a safe space and advocating for transgender & intersex people in Limpopo.

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