January 20, 2022


"We say it like it is"


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By Maggie Mokobane

South African Federation of trade unions (SAFTU) welcomes the move from lockdown level 3 to lockdown level 2.

This comes after the announcement made by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday evening,12th September 2021.

The Union says people should vaccinate to avoid changes because Covid-19 has affected people in a negative way.For instance,bars,restaurants and taverns are disadvantaged not to take customers to full capacity and curfew limits the operational for such businesses and this creates a loss in revenue for businesses.

The Union furthermore says businesses in the sectors directly affected and the corresponding sectors along the supply chain tend to shed jobs.The Union is very concerned about job losses due to Covid-19.

It was reported that production increased in 2021.The Union indicate that job losses grew in the first and second quarter whilst over 10% of employed persons had reduced remuneration the same quarter.

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