January 21, 2022


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The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation Dr Blade Nzimande  has dismissed with contempt the Democratic Alliance(DA) idea that he cannot allow Afrikaans to be used as a means of exclusion and oppression, or to pursue a narrow and racist Afrikaner nationalist agenda, as was the case under apartheid. Minister Nzimande recognises  Afrikaans as one of South Africa’s eleven(11) official languages.

Minister Blade Nzimande says Afrikaans should and must be located in a democratic South African and be rescued from  a white right-wing agenda. This should not be viewed as being in conflict with promoting mother tongue instruction in a democratic South Africa.

The DA lodged a complaint with South African Human Rights Commission, saying the minister’s insistence on classifying Afrikaans as a foreign language in South Africa was hateful and unconstitutional. This after a recent constitutional court ruling that University of South Africa(UNISA) change its language policy to include learning and teaching in Afrikaans by 2023 academic year.

The education department added on a statement that The DA has forever been narrowly preoccupied with Afrikaans only, with very little to say about the important matter of the development of the nine official languages that had been suppressed and deliberately underdeveloped under colonialism and apartheid.

The minister furthermore says he would study both the Constitutional Court judgement on Unisa language policy and the DA complaint filed the Human Rights Commission.





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