January 21, 2022


"We say it like it is"


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Residents articulated their concerns to Crime Policing Forum (CPF) and a police colonel in a community meeting that was held yesterday, 13 October 2021 regarding crime that happens everyday at Unit G in Mankweng outside Polokwane.

“ It is saddening that in our very neighbourhood 9 computers were stolen last week Wednesday and Ditlalemeso secondary school learners are robbed transport fare, as community members let us come together, change things, in the beginning we have promised to work with the police by giving them criminals but they still get released out of jail the following day.

Let us deal with criminals on our own, support and engage with organisations that fight against crime such as Legadima and Motswikitswiki. At the end Mankweng will be the safest place to live in.” said community member.

“We as the police our job is to arrest criminals but the release of them it is not in our hands but the hands of magistrates. I urge all community members to bear with us as we don’t have enough resources such as police cars to attend all the surrounding emergencies, and I will always be available to assist Unit G with patrolling at night”. Said Colonel Selota

The residents complained that many promises have been made by the police and CPF over the years to help minimise crime and now they have had enough because crime increases everyday whereby they even steal shoes, baskets and sell them to the nearby members.







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