November 28, 2021


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A mother’s dream for having a retirement home has been left in shambles. This follows Tereza Pheza’s discovery, that she was deceived by William Mojapelo into buying an occupied stand in Mamahule village outside Polokwane.

Speaking to Heita FM on Friday, 22 October 2021. Tereza Pheza said that she bought two double stands last year (2020) at the price of R30 000 over the value of R15 000 each. Before, the initial payment,  she demanded to see his own title deed for proof of ownership, but he claimed that he was a grandson of one of the chiefs and that the place is his. After weeks of going back and forth of which he seemed relaxed about the process it was finally over, and she transferred the rest of his balance.

She further said that she had spent an additional R7000 in cleaning up the yard and building a shack in the stand. However, she got shocked to discover that her stand had allegedly been sold to another person.

Meanwhile, William Mojapelo denied ever being a member of the traditional counsel stating: “Mamahule does not fall under any municipality or traditional authority. It is only a place owned by its beneficiaries. He argued that there was confusion between the two owners, and that the matter was currently being dealt with by the committee. “That place used to be mine and I sold it, but there is now suddenly some infighting of which I don’t know where it comes from. But I can assure you that the matter is being dealt with as we speak and that the two parties are yet to meet to resolve this,” said Mojapelo.

However, Pheza said that she was hurt by the whole ordeal and that she only wanted a refund of her money. “I believed this was our retirement home, I personally had a wish that I could build the home that I wanted. I’m hurt, I don’t know if I have been scammed or if I’m dreaming but all I know is that I used my last savings to buy that place and today I am homeless”. She said.

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