November 28, 2021


"We say it like it is"


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On Monday the 1st of November 2021, masses headed to voting stations to cast their vote even though a fair number of people made the choice to not vote, taking advantage of the voting public holiday to get other things done in their lives.

Most people, majority being the youth seem to have given up on the change that political leaders promise to deliver. The common answer provided by non-voters is that there is no use in voting because less change is implemented. A group of young people were interviewed to ask why they were not voting. One young man said, “Nothing is going on, I have lost hope and I don’t trust any political party”.

Another young man added to say that he was not voting because he did not understand how both vaccinated and unvaccinated people could be permitted to vote while the same initiative does not apply when applying for government jobs or internships. Some touched on the fact that whether they vote or not; it really would not make a difference in their lives. “I don’t benefit, whether I vote or not so it’s better to just relax…” emphasized another non-voter.

The IEC local government elections were taking place in South Africa on the 1st of November 2021 – the day was pronounced a public holiday by the President, Cyril Ramaphosa to afford everyone the opportunity to go vote. Voting stations were said to open from 7am till 9pm.

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