November 28, 2021


"We say it like it is"


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Queues formed outside a polling station at Ditlalemeso Secondary School in Mankweng as voters in ward 25 continue to show up in numbers to cast their votes on Monday morning.

One of Unit C community member Suzan Chweu told Heita FM news that the importance of voting is to get better service delivery in the community. She added that where she stays there is no proper tarred roads and it does not show that it is a developed area. She further said she voted for ANC local candidate who knows the struggle of their community and she is confident that he will deliver better service delivery such as street lights and safe park.

“ We are going to bring service delivery to people of Unit G because it is heartbreaking to see people staying in sharks and some of them do not have water after 27 years of freedom under leadership of ANC and people are still unemployed, we are going to make sure that our people get employed at Mankweng Hospital, Zone 1 and Paledi Mall”. Said EFF Chairperson Comfort Ngoasheng.

African National Congress election coordinator Kwena Mangoato said that ANC is the only hope for South Africans to get jobs and better service delivery and they came to the voting station to remind and encourage people to vote for ANC as it will deliver all the promises they made during door to door campaigns.

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