November 28, 2021


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The saga around food parcel distribution continues.This after Mankweng residents gathered outside Ditlalemeso to fetch food and blankets but all in vain. This took place today, 18 November 2021.

The residents of Mankweng were out in numbers with the hope of getting food parcels but the councillors and organisers denied them the opportunity.

Ward 25 Spokesperson, Mpho Malatji says when speaking to Councillor Herman Ngwasheng, the event did not exist and it wasn’t planned and they urge the community of Mankweng to remain calm as they are working on resolving the matter.

Lucas Seabi, One of the residents says, the food parcels were given to Hlahlagane residents but the Gift of Givers always fails to deliver to ward 25 and he furthermore says they are families who found themselves in trouble when the heavy downpour resulted in their homes being flooded and they are appealing to the government to intervene because thier leaders shows no interest in helping them.

Mandla Ngobeni, One of the residents added that there was a budget that was given to councilors to buy food and blankets for the community especially those who were affected by the heavy rains but people were told there were no food parcels.

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