November 28, 2021


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The Taung Magistrates’ Court postponed the case against Rebaone Malekanyo aged 32 and Tumelo Tlonkwe aged 31 to 22 December 2021 for further investigations.

They are currently charged with assault to do severe bodily harm meanwhile the police are currently investigating a case of kidnapping and murder. The two have abandoned their bail application.

Their court appearance arises from an incident that allegedly occurred at Modimong village on 31 October 2021, when the two were spotted by Tshepang Seelo aged 32 and his girlfriend, stealing some items at a nearby house while walking from a nearby tavern.

As such, they then approached the couple and started assaulting them. Afterwards, they took Seelo and left his girlfriend on the road. His lifeless body was later found in a furrow on 03 November 2021.

Furthermore, the two suspects handed themselves to the police at Taung police station on 02 November 2021, a day before the body of the deceased was discovered. They will remain in police custody until their next court appearance.

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