January 21, 2022


"We say it like it is"

(a)    To provide a high quality community media service including broadcasting, publishing and networking for the dissemination of information comment and entertainment.

(b)   To operate a Community Radio Station serving the Hastings and surrounding region.

(c)    To raise funds through the activity of members, from public donation and by grants.

(d)      To operate the association as a non-profit association.

(e)     To encourage community participation in the activities of the association.

(f)        To assist all groups and individuals, who don’t normally have an opportunity to make their points of view heard, to participate in the activities of the association.

(g)    To promote community discussion and greater awareness of social, political, cultural, educational, religious, health, environmental and other issues.

(h)   To promote and encourage innovation and experimentation on radio.

(i)         To do all things necessary for and incidental to the achievement of the objects of the Association, provided that the income and property of the Association must be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects set down above


Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

The policies embrace HFM’s responsibilities under legislation, its Charter and the law, along with the editorial and ethical expectations of the Board, management and staff on how best to serve our audiences.

Mrs Mathapelo Mawasha

Station Manager I am always avaialable to help and my door is always open

Mr Jack Mawasha

Technical Manager
I am always available for technical support.Send us email for any technical challanges you may have.

Heita FM Music Department

Music Compiler
We are available to play good music and call us if you need any help with music.

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